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What goes around comes around...

Ashley Woodcock

Posted on July 29 2021

What goes around comes around...

I won’t entirely age myself, however, let’s pretend I was born in the mid to late 80s for example. Well, I can’t even tell you how much I’m kicking myself for not saving most of my clothes from middle/high school. I’m pretty sure I had a mini skort with butterflies and rainbows in just about every color. Not to mention all the patchwork denim and smiley face jewelry. Now I find myself paying $30+ for a tank top with a butterfly on it that I’m pretty sure came straight out of my childhood closet. I bet all the thrift stores are dusting off their 90s/Y2K boxes and having a damn field day selling out right now. What’s even funnier is that I remember when I was younger and asked my mom to buy me my first pair of bell bottoms and such, she used to say to me all the time that these were things she used to wear “back in the day”. Can we even use the expression “back in the day” when it comes to fashion?

The theme of this summer has definitely been a 90s retro Y2K flashback. Bright colors, swirling patterns, smiley faces, charmed jewelry and as many butterflies as we can manage. Personally, I’m loving every minute of it. As if I didn’t already have a series of legendary romcoms led by Clueless, playing on loop in my store…total vibes.  I’m definitely expecting to see all the marble prints and mesh sets continue through the summer into festival season and I’m totally down with it. Here in Austin, we still have many months left of “summer”, to the point where the mere thought of a cardigan makes us start to sweat. We’re in the thick of it now, when our beloved vegan and eco-friendly deodorants are letting us down and there’s no primer in the world that will keep our makeup from running. Which is why there is plenty of time left to slay in pieces like these…

Hair accessories are also having their time in the limelight this summer. 

We’ve already acknowledged that scrunchies really are the best, shoutout to VSCO girls, but now we’re taking things a bit further by bringing back decorative bobbie pins and butterfly hair clips. From heavily embellished headbands to pins with words like “SEXY” and “GIRL” written in rhinestones, it’s all about the hair bling. Perfect timing as festivals and concerts are opening back up again. I’m loving how creative people are getting with head pieces and there’s no such thing as too many bobbie pins.


butterfly clip   rhinestone pin  Sunflower clip


So basically what I’m saying is that people won’t think twice if you are walking down the street in a neon pink mesh dress with smiley faces on it and a dozen butterfly clips in your hair. It’s literally my dream come true, everyone is officially living in my brain! Seriously though, my Y2K game is strong and I fully intent on taking advantage of our current forecast. Definitely check out our Festival Babes collection and know that we will keep adding to it as the months go on, to give you that alternate option of not your everyday looks. And while many will continue to indulge on prints that resemble pages from a Magic Eye book (please tell me they still exist), others will be prepping for fall. I know, I can’t believe it either.

In the meantime, as we bask in the sunny retro summer daze, here’s a mini throwback playlist for ya:

  • No Scrubs
  • Baby One More Time
  • Fantasy
  • Are you that somebody?
  • Just a girl
  • Ms Jackson
  • All Falls Down
  • My Neck, My Back
  • Toxic
  • Celebrity Skin

Happy listening babes



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