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American June is a woman owned business that against all odds, during a global pandemic, opened its virtual doors to bring hope and happiness to people through fashion. Even during the most troubling times, we still want to feel good about ourselves while staying positive and motivated. For many of us, that means loving what we're wearing. Whether its loungewear to feel cozy, a bodysuit to feel sexy or a dress to feel flirty and fun, getting dressed in a style you love can change your day for the better. We're all about bringing people together through fashion and embracing who we are, whatever our changing moods may bring. Most importantly, we want to send all the good vibes. American June is for everyone. 

Founded by a former LA celebrity stylist and headquartered in Austin, we curate our collections to marry styles fueled by our passion for the music, art and culture these cities bring. By carrying a diverse portfolio, our hope is that mothers, daughters, young professionals and students alike, can all shop together and find something at AJ that inspires their wardrobe.

Our physical storefront is located at 1603 S. 1st St., Austin, TX 78704. Come shop in person and visit our Rainbow Garden out back! There is parking on the side of our building on Monroe and public lots across 1st St. and across Monroe as well.

 Our Mission

Bring people together with diverse styles. Shop a variety of pieces, where you can find something you love for any mood, occasion or personality. 


Our Vision

Create a space where people can afford to build out their wardrobe. Everyone should be able to treat themselves to new pieces and not feel guilty about it!


Our Core Values


Let's lift each other up, compliment others and build a fashion community that empowers ourselves and everyone around us. 


Fashion doesn't need to be unattainable. Let's break down the barriers and make it affordable to wear the latest trends or buy a new outfit for each occasion. 


Set out to be the best version of yourself by building a positive environment you can thrive in. Create a style that inspires. 


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